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Wednesday, December 21


My brother and I are currently working on three separate posts to this blog.  You'll no doubt be on the edge of your seats, chuckling, or just plain bored as we describe the adventures we've had in our recent past.  We hope to have one or more available to you within the next few weeks.  Keep checking back and thanks for visiting! :)

The Kirk Bros.

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  1. I have a great post subject for you. RTB New Jersey. What could be better than getting the band back together? We have 4 commitments, just need 2 more. If interested please contact Doug or Kimberlee Gardner.

    Greg Doell

  2. Greg! This sounds amazing! I think I have a conflict that weekend but I'm going to look into it for sure. Good to hear from you! See you at WDU!

  3. Ummm... Help a "sister" out...can we get an update to this "welcome" message please?? And make it creative! ; ) Love you boys! You rock my world! Proud to call you my brothers.