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Thursday, May 23

Part 1 – 4 friends, 3 weeks, 2 tents, 1 honeymoon

The Team: 4 good friends (Justin, Jenna, Ethan, Nick)
The Occasion?                             ^             ^
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                                                 Their honeymoon

The Destination: Huarez, Peru
The Activity: Mountaineering
The Date: July 5th, 2013

January 2012

This story begins with a phone call (may or may not be the exact phrasing).  

My phone rings…
Nick: “Hey Justin.”
Justin: “Hey Nick.”
Justin: “I have something to ask you”
Nick, intrigued: “Oh yeah?”
Justin: “Do you want me to tell you over the phone or on our trip to the ‘Dacks this weekend?”
Nick, accepting suspense: “Let’s save it for our road trip!”

I arrived at Justin and Jenna’s home on a Friday night.  We shared what little of the evening was left talking about our plans for the weekend, laughing, and finally sleeping.

The following morning we embarked on our journey to the high peaks region of the Adirondacks to partake in some winter hiking, ice climbing, being sick (Jenna J), enjoying Lake Placid Brew Pub treats, and riding the adrenaline charged wave of the Banff Film Festival World Tour. 
View of Gothics from the top of Cascade
3/4ths of the team on top of Cascade
Justin pretending to climb some ice :)
During our travels I broached the topic…”What’s the big news?”  Without much hesitation, “Jenna and I would like you and your brother to join us on our honeymoon.”

In my mind (a bit shocked): Your honeymoon?  You want my brother and I to go with you on your honeymoon? 

If there was ever a time when making a decision came easy for me it was when one of the options was laced with great friends, adventure, and exploration…

“Ahem, well…I’m in.”  “Where are we going?”

“The Andes.”  “More specifically, the Cordillera Blancas in Peru.”

The excitement from that moment is still coursing through my veins.  Predicated on our passions, this was sure to be an unassailable adventure.  If a weekend with two great friends and equally as great activities could get any better, this was how.

Ethan was quickly brought up to speed and just as quickly accepted the invitation.

It was set; the four of us were going on a vacation honeymoon!

The proceeding 18 months were destined to be a disastrous quandary of decisions.  If the sum is greater than the parts then four indecisive decision makers equaled a whole lot of rock, paper, scissors and coin flipping.  Let the fun begin…
Clockwise from upper left: Justin, Nick, Jenna, Ethan